Remarkable:  (adjective)  “Worthy of mention; notable; extraordinary.”

Welcome to The Remarkable Practice Members Area …And welcome to the next evolution of your practice!

In this Members Area, you will find all of the resources that you will need to create your own Remarkable Practice.

See the TABS at the top of the page – these will be used to navigate the various resources included in your membership.

TRP Academy: The TRP Video Training Library is a comprehensive Video Training Curriculum that covers each and every component of the 4 Pillars of Practice Success: Attraction, Conversion and Retention and Team Building.  Be sure you are training weekly – Every step of the Patient Process is covered in detailed training Modules – delivered to your email inbox every month.

Private DC Forum:  If you haven’t already, go HERE to request access to the FB Private DC Forum where you’ll connect with me weekly for our Q&A calls and you’ll connect with the other Remarkable DCs in the TRP tribe.  This is an amazing group on driven & on purpose Docs who are willing to share and help each other rises up!

TRP FB Live Sessions:  Every week you have access to me and/ or our Remarkable Team of Experts during our FB Live Sessions.  It’s your opportunity to ask your specific question.    Be sure to join these live – or review the recordings in the Private DC Forum.

CA Academy & 7 Day CA Program:  The CA Academy is a compliment to the DC Academy and rich in training geared toward your CA.  The 7 Day CA Program is a aimed at helping you get your new CAs trained in the fundamentals to be a productive contributing team members within 7 days.

Be sure to sign up your CAs into these programs and have them train alongside of you.  Set the vision for your practice and align your team. There’s nothing more powerful than having a team bought into a vision and coming alongside you to fulfill it.  This is an X Factor for practice growth.

Thanks for joining me on this Remarkable Journey… if you have any problems or need help at any time along the way, please do not hesitate to email us at support@theremarkablepractice.com.  My awesome team will take great care of you.

I treasure your feedback on how things are going and can’t wait to hear about your success – so you BETTER email me as things start to improve! …

And always remember…

You are Remarkable!

Stephen Franson, DC
Founder and Head Coach, TRP